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The following are color charts to help you pick the best Custom Match Color concrete product for your project.  

Davis Colors:

Mix-Ready™ Color Chart

: The base-color of cement determines color range. Like all natural materials, variation is normal in concrete. These are simulations of concrete made with reference Type II gray cement, light tan sand and water to achieve 4" slump. Actual job-site results may differ.

color chart 02

color chart 03

color chart 04

Southern Color:

Note: Colors shown approximate the shade achieved using Type I-II cement and the standard amount of pigment per color at a 4" slump. Variations can be expected due to differences in cement color, slump, aggregates, and method of application. Colored concrete should be batched, placed, and cured as directed in the SCC data sheet on recommended procedures for colored concrete.

**JET BLACK is a dispersed carbon black product that can lose color intensity over a period of time and air-entrainment may need to be adjusted.

color chart 05

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